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0.05 to 60 Laser Measuring Tool

$31.47 $51.81 Ex Tax: $31.47

0.05 to 60M Laser Measuring Tool - Spirit Level, Carry Case, Wrist Strap, 1/4 Inch Tripod ThreadAt a Glance...Measure distances, volumes, areas and take indirect readings with this Laser Distance MeterClear and easy to read 4 line LCD screen displays every reading clearlyClass II laser accurate to within 2mm bring precision readings every timeIP54 Rating brings it the durability to handle conditio..

1080p Handheld Camera Kit

$173.86 $219.15 Ex Tax: $173.86

1080p Handheld Camera Kit - Teleconverter, Wide-Angle Lens, External Mic, 1/4-Inch CMOS, 3 Inch Display, 120x Digital ZoomKey Features...1080p digital camera comes with a teleconverter, wide-angle lens, and external mic1/4-Inch CMOS lets you record full-HD video and capture stunning 24MP photographsWatch back footage instantly on a 3-Inch LCD display64GB SD card support to store all your files1080..

18 Inch FlapJack LED Light

$257.15 $383.42 Ex Tax: $257.15

18 Inch FlapJack C-700RSV LED Edge Light - 240 LEDS, Color Temperature 3200 to 5600K, Beam Angle 75 DegreesKey Features...Portable Lightweight 18 inch FlapJack LED Edgelight meets all your lighting needs3200 to 5600K lighting let you go from daylight to tungsten and back againQuick and easy to set up with 5/8 inch light stand mount and adjustable yoke3 Power options with mains, Sony style or V-loc..

3.5-Inch Portable Digital Magnifier

$48.74 $66.01 Ex Tax: $48.74

3.5-Inch Portable Digital Magnifier - LCD Display, 2x To 32x Magnification, Three Color Modes, 32GB SD Card Slot, 1050mAh Key Features...3.5-Inch portable digital magnifier with 2x to 32x digital zoomIntergraded LED light lets you read without glasses at night1050mAh battery for up to 4 hours of usage time32GB SD card slot lets you carry along E-books anywhere you goPortable Digital MagnifierRead ..

3D Printer Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini G2s

$236.42 $298.21 Ex Tax: $236.42

3D Printer Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini G2s - DIY, Print 2 Colors, Auto-Leveling, Wide Filament Range, Large Printing VolumeKey Features...DIY 3D printer kit comes with high-quality metal componentsAuto-leveling design brings along great efficiencySupports a wide range of filaments and prints 2 colors at onceLarge printing volume and high speeds treat you to a great user experienceDIY 3D Printer Ki..

5MP Film Scanner

$38.76 $64.09 Ex Tax: $38.76

5MP Film Scanner - 2.4 Inch Display, TV Out, 32GB SD Card Support, Preview, Playback And Editing Features5 Megaapixel film Scanner for converting your Monochrome, Slide and 35mm film into stunning JPEG images that you can store on a SD card or copy to your computer. High Quality 5 Megapixel ScanningThis 5 Megapixel film scanner is just what is required for putting all those old slides and negative..

5mW Red Beam Laser Pen

$3.45 $5.76 Ex Tax: $3.45

5mW Red Beam Portable Laser Pen - 5000 Hour Lifespan, Continuous Wave Mode, Constant OutputThis affordable laser pointer beam pen has a 5mW Red laser output making it a must have for any PowerPoint presentations, demonstrations, lectures or jus as a fun toy.5mW Red Beam Laser PenWith approximately the same size and weight as a fountain pen and a strong brass body, this 5mW red laser beam pointer ..

8 Function Digital Multimeter

$4.22 $6.91 Ex Tax: $4.22

Digital Multimeter - 8 Function EditionDigital Multimeter, which is a special 8 Function Edition can measure a vast range of voltages, current, resistance, continuity (connection between two points), testing diodes. This multimeter, also known as a VOM (Volt-Ohm meter), is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. This multimeter would include bas..

ANET A2 DIY 3D Printer Kit

$163.12 $203.03 Ex Tax: $163.12

ANET A2 DIY 3D Printer Kit - High Precision, Metal Frame, Multiple Filaments, Windows + Mac and Linux SupportKey Features...Enjoy extremely accurate high-quality 3D printing with a printing volume of 220x220x220mmComes with all the assembly tools required as well as full instructionsSupporting both STL and G-Code 3D formats this 3D printer lets you enjoy thousands of freely available online design..

Anet A3 High Precision 3D Printer

$244.10 $307.42 Ex Tax: $244.10

Anet A3 High Precision 3D Printer - Multiple Filaments Supported, 150 mm Cubed Printing Volume, Precision PrintingKey Features...Bring your ideas to life with the Anet A3 High Precision 3D Printer perfect for DI, design and educational projectsSupports multiple filaments: PLA, ABS, wood-polymer, Nylon, flexible PLA and PVACreate anything smaller than a 15cm cube with 150x150x150mm printing volume..

ANET A6 DIY 3D Printer Kit

$170.02 $214.16 Ex Tax: $170.02

ANET A6 DIY 3D Printer Kit - Metal + Acrylic Frame, Multiple Filaments, 100MM Per Second Print Speed, Windos Mac + Linux SupportKey Features...Acrylic and metal frame ensures a long listing sturdy construction for more accurate printingComes with all the assembly tools required as well as full instructionsSupports STL and G-Code 3D model files with thousands of freely available online designsthis ..

Anet A8 3D Printer i3 DIY Kit

$143.93 $179.23 Ex Tax: $143.93

Anet A8 3D Printer i3 DIY Kit - Multiple Filament Types, Large Printing Volume, 0.004mm Precision, SD Card SlotKey Features...Extremely accurate 3D printer that features a 220x220x230 printing volumei3 DIY kit comes with all the parts necessary to easily assemble your own 3D printerSupporting both STL and G-Code 3D formats this 3D printer lets you enjoy thousands of freely available online designs..

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